Beauty Queens

Beauty Queens - Libba Bray

Absolutely hilarious.

Libba Bray has impressed me beyond belief with this terrific novel about a plane full of beauty queens crashing into a deserted island. What do these girls do? Instead of lying down and accepting their fate, these beauty queens use the various talents they've been perfecting for the Miss Teen Dream Pageant to build huts, gather rain water, and provide for sexy pirates!

The messages in this book for young teens and women in general are so important in this day and age where women do feel odd about voicing their opinions and being who they really are. If you didn't learn anything from a transexual former boy-band singer, a lesbian who used to be a convict, two coloured girls facing discrimination, and the wealth of white women unable to be who they want to be, then you clearly missed the entire point of this book! What an absolutely fantastic way to show young women that they have every right to be who they are, and that it shouldn't take some time on a desert island to figure this out. Libba Bray is a genius!

I am still sitting here laughing at the hilarity of this book. The Republic of Cha-Cha, and its esteemed leader MoMo B. ChaCha entirely cracked me up and justly represented the large number of leaders out there who refuse to "give in" to "American capitalistic tendencies" but still yearn for private yachts and a nice juicy Big Mac. Hilarious. The number of commercials, products, and TV shows designed by the Corporation and explained in footnotes were also quite funny and really represent the media in this day and age.

This is a book that every young girl should read and take lessons from. 5+ stars