Home Front: A Novel - Kristin Hannah

I'm not even going to rate this one because I only got to 36% before I moved on to bigger and better books. One lady in the book club assured me that she was crying and sobbing in the end.

This book was just so boring for me. I couldn't relate to the characters at all. Jolene was such a push-over in every aspect of her life. If her husband was bothering her, she would sometimes say something and then drop it. If her daughter was acting like a total bitch, as she was for the majority of what I read, Jolene just lay down and took it. And just the way she thought about her husband Michael pissed me off. As if he couldn't do anything she was used to doing around the house because he was a man. NO.

Granted, Michael was a total douchebag and proved her right in that respect. He's basically an absentee father forced to spend time with and take care of his children because his wife is going off to war. His attitude towards his wife’s chosen profession disgusted me. Even if you don’t support the army, why can’t you support something your partner is so passionate about? It’s like hating your spouse because they support a different political party. It’s just stupid.

I HATED THIS RELATIONSHIP. Being inside both their heads was boring. Internal monologues put me to sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I thought I would continue on with this book, just to see what happened, but once Jolene got to Iraq and saw the reality on the ground, I realized that I didn’t even care what happened to her (I know, I’m cold-hearted). I also didn’t care what would happen to Michael or any of the other characters because the author made me hate them before anything even happened. It’s sad because this book has a lot of potential in terms of character development and a sob-worthy plot, but I just didn’t care enough to finish it.