On the Bright Side, I'm Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God - Louise Rennison The hilariosity and sophisticosity of Georgia is unparalleled in her second diary. Don't read any of these books in public, you will startle unsuspecting commuters or passersby with laughter and snorts. Some select quotes: Dave the Laugh had left me a card at home which said, One-legged girls are a push-over. Love Dave xxxxxx. Nothing seems to bother her now that Vati is coming home. She might have put his moustache 101 out of her mind but I haven't. In fact, to remind her I have drawn a moustache on the heart she put on the calendar. The Sex God had landed at my door. I was wearing my Teletubbies pajamas. Can't wait to continue the adventures of Georgia with The Jealous Knickers!