Legend - Marie Lu

“Each day mean a new twenty-four hours. Each day means everything’s possible again. You live in the moment, you die in the moment, you take it all one day at a time.”

*Sigh* I don't even know where to start. My heart is still hurting from the ending of this book. Let me start off by saying that I enjoyed almost every minute of Legend. I love post-apocalyptic books where everything that has been the status quo for years is disrupted by discoveries. Like in The Hunger Games, when (view spoiler).

Everything June thought was true is going to be challenged in this book. And it seems like she's the last one in her family to find out. I really enjoyed June as a character. She's strong and can take care of herself. Even if she sometimes does go weak-kneed in front of her love interest. For someone who has just found out that the world she has believed in her entire life is mostly based on false lies and propaganda, she deals pretty well.

And then there's day. Oh, Day. He is 100% one of my favourite boys in YA at the moment. I love criminals who are actually good guys. He's like a future-day Robin Hood. His love for his family really got me. In fact, any novel where main characters are trying to save their siblings always hits me very hard, as I have two younger siblings of my own. I can't say much else about him without getting into spoiler territory. But...can someone please explain to me how a half-Asian boy is born with white blonde hair? I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!

I also really loved the supporting characters. Tess was a cute little addition to the novel. She reminds me a lot of Prim from The Hunger Games. Except much tougher. And then there's Thomas. I actually thought he was weird and creepy from the start. (view spoiler) My only complaint about the characters is their age. Day and June are 15. I don't know...obviously young people can do a lot. I just felt like I would have engaged better with the story if they had been older.

The post-apocalyptic world we are thrown into wasn't entirely explained. It seems as if the oceans have started flooding the coast of the US. Parts of Los Angeles, where the story is set, are under water. At the same time, the US seems to have broken up into the Republic and the Colonies. But, in this case, it seems like the colonies have the upper hand in terms of technology, while the Republic rations Internet and electricity use. I really hope that we get some more explanation in Prodigy, or at least a look at the Colonies!

Finally, the plot was well-paced. It was extremely quit, and wasn't sacrificed at the hands of the romance. I really enjoyed being in both June and Day's minds. As prodigies, it's interesting to read about how they deduce certain things and come to conclusions. It really helped move the plot along.

Overall, a good read. Since I just finished Rebel Heart, which was an absolutely fantastic post-apocalyptic novel, I can only give it 4 stars. But I've heard Prodigy is even better. I can't wait to see what Marie Lu has waiting for us.