Magic to the Bone - Devon Monk

Mini review by phone!

I have a feeling I'm really going to enjoy the rest of this series. Allie is a fantastic (if sometimes a little stupid) heroine who is always up for a fight. I love that she refused to back down no matter what and that she constantly fought for others.

The world that this book is set in is just amazing, and unique amongst all the urban fantasy I've read. While magic is there to use, it uses you right back, often making it dangerous to perform certain types if magic. For Allie, using too much not only causes her to become severely exhausted, but also results in memory loss, making it pretty difficult for her to keep track of her life. I really enjoyed this fresh outlook on magic. So often it's just there for anyone to use in large quantities and with no restrictions. I think it's interesting that Devon Monk decided to portray magic in this way, as it really adds to the story.

While I did enjoy the characters, my biggest complaint was Allie's relationship with Zayvion. I can totally understand her wanting to sleep with him. She's lonely, and enjoys a good romp! But I didn't feel like their relationship developed enough to merit what happened in the end. (view spoiler).

All in all, an enjoyable book. I'll definitely be moving on to the next one.


Buddy read with Cory, Amanda, Brandi, FREEBIRD, JennyJen, and Barbara :D (August 6)