Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 01 - Bisco Hatori

Have you ever just felt like you need something light and funny to read when you're in a bad mood? You can read anything by Louise Rennison for a laugh, but if you're more partial to manga and graphic novels, this is a must-read for humour and comedy.

The manga starts off with a scholarship student, Haruki, accidentally breaking a vase that costs a lot of money. To repay this debt, the Host Club forces her to cook and clean for them, and is then initiated into the club as one of the members. However, the caveat is that every member of this club is a boy, so Haruki pretends to be a boy as well so she can get the attention of girls at the school and pay off her debt.

The reason this manga merits 4 stars is that it is comical and light. If you're looking for plot, look elsewhere. Nothing serious has developed here, yet. But I was laughing and smiling throughout this whole volume, and that's what I was reading for, so I'm a happy reader.