Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal - Christopher Moore
Lamb tells the tale of Jesus' childhood through the voice of his satirical best friend Biff. While much is already known about Jesus' birth, and his life after he gains popularity in his thirties, little is known about Jesus' childhood, and this is where Biff comes in. Resurrected by an angel who wishes him to retell the story of Jesus (Joshua in the novel), Biff is forced to sit down and remember all the adventures the two of them went on together, from learning to meditate in the Tibetan mountains, to gathering Joshua's prophets.

As a character, Biff is absolutely hilarious. He provides the perfect character foil to Joshua. In Josh is curious about sex, Biff takes it upon himself to educate his friend, and if that includes listening in as Biff has his way with a woman, then so be it! Once the pair return to collect Joshua's followers, Biff's descriptions of the prophets, especially Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, is laughable (although, is is pretty angry that none of them included him in their dare they?). His altercations with the angel he is currently sharing a hotel room with are great entertainment value as well.

If you have no issues with humorous retellings, then you will likely enjoy this book. 3 stars