Slow Death by Rubber Duck: How the Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Life Affects Our Health - Rick Smith, Bruce Lourie I read this book a while ago, but the one thing I vividly remember is being afraid of buying anything plastic and checking and re-checking the ingredients on food lists. Slow Death by Rubber Duck, and his partner-in-crime Bruce Lourie demonstrate the effect different toxins have on our bodies, including possible long-term health risks.The scariest part about these experiments, is that we are unknowingly in contact with these substances on a daily basis. You could be drinking out of a water bottle filled with BPA, or microwaving tupperware that leaches this toxic substance into your food before you ingest it. However, the book does not only pose readers with the problems of these substances in their everyday lives, it also explores ways to protect from toxins and other harmful substances. A must read for anyone who is concerned about toxic substances in everyday life.