Dreamfever - Karen Marie Moning Oh my god. What an unreal cliffhanger! This book has finally lived up to the reviews of others. Mac is suddenly a kick ass heroine who decides that she will no longer live by the rules of others. Despite living through some atrocious events, she comes back stronger than ever. This is the girl I wanted to read about from the beginning, but it was interesting to see her transformation, and for me, a bit if a relief. Barrons is, if possible, even more infuriating and sexy than ever. Even though we get some very small glimpses into his life and some questions about him are addressed, he is still mysterious and his past remains shrouded in mystery. I can hardly wait until we find out what he really is.The plot in this instalment was flawless. [author: Moning] kept me on the edge of my seat for the majority if this novel, teasing with information we've been waiting for while at the same time leaving more loose ends to be tied up. I've become so much more invested in the characters (except Dani, who I find insufferably annoying), which has made me enjoy the series so much more. Thank god I started reading this long after each book was out. Can't wait to see how it's wrapped up!