Outpost - Ann Aguirre

I gave Outpost 3 stars because I liked it slightly less than Enclave.

Deuce is now living in Salvation, an Outpost topground that is situated in an old fort, close to the Canada-US border. I was already pretty frustrated at the beginning of the book because where in the hell was Fade? I personally don't think he would just step aside just because he thought that maybe, just maybe Deuce was in love with someone else. I have to admit that I didn't enjoy the first part of this book too much. Between Deuce complaining about the way of life in Salvation and not really doing anything to even attempt to fit in, and Fade acting like a total idiot, I was getting pretty angry.

But finally, something great happens! Deuce volunteers to guard the harvest that would be necessary to get Salvation through the winter. The guard soon comes to realize that the Freaks have evolved: they are now working in packs, have established their own villages, and (view spoiler). Now we're talking! Aguirre does such a good job of describing the Freaks that when I read the book I am frightened every time a character goes near them.

I could probably give this book 4 stars if the ending is taken into account. How cruel of the author to leave us hanging! If Horde is anything like its predecessors, I have a feeling it's going to get some pretty high ratings! I can't wait to rejoin Deuce, Fade, Stalker and Tegan in new adventures, and find out more about the world topground.