Bitterblue - Kristin Cashore, Ian Schoenherr Meh is the way I would describe this book. Bitterblue isn't nearly as captivating as Katsa or Fire as a character and the story line was a lot more confusing (possibly a lasting effect from Leck's rule?). There were definitely parts where I couldn't stop reading, especially closer to the end when mysteries were finally being solved. But I found a lot of things about this book annoying, like the way Katsa's and Po's relationship was portrayed and how Bitterblue never took into account what her stupid decisions would do to others. It was nice to see the two worlds coming together, with cameos from both Katsa and Fire (though unfortunately not Brigan :( ). I did love the mystery and intrigue of Leck's past and bitterblue's determination to make things right, but the book still didn't do it for me.