Spell Bound - Rachel Hawkins

Warning: This review will contain spoilers. SERIOUS Spoilers.

The third book in Hawkins' Hex Hall series was suspenseful from the beginning. From Sophie finding out that her mother is a Brannick to finding out that Cal, her father and Jenna escaped the burning Thorne mansion, the book started off with a bang. I did find it a bit boring once again in the middle, but it picked up again near the end.

One thing I am extremely angry about is Cal's death. The love triangle in this book was totally Twilight-esque, despite there being little to no rivalry between Archer and Cal. But I do have to say, even though Archer was a sexy bad boy, I was really rooting for Cal. I wish we had had the opportunity to get to know more about his character, and I wish his and Sophie's relationship had blossomed a bit more. I think it could have been a lot more interesting if we got to know Cal as well as Archer, but overall I think there could be a lot more character development.

Some of the hindrances they faced in this story seemed like they were only minor annoyances, and, once she got her magic back, Sophie pretty easily overcame any obstacle. I was so excited to see what the Underworld would be like, and, even though they had to relive awful moments, they pretty much got out unharmed.

I would have liked to see a lot more plot development around Thorin. What is between him and Izzy? What is their relationship and why does he have his reasons to stay with the Brannicks? I feel like this mystery was completely unresolved even though it seemed to feature throughout the plot. I would have also liked to see some expansion on Thorin's alternate future for Sophie. This is another instance where I found that a huge obstacle was merely brushed away by Sophie. When Lara tries to take control of her, there is literally a few seconds where she thinks she should do as Lara says, then all of a sudden this bond is broken solely because Jenna is there calling her back. Some more controversy between these futures would have made for a much more exciting read.

Overall, the book was pretty good for an easy read. If you're looking for a wildly twisting tale of intrigue, this story might not be for you, but if you want some cute fluff and a quick read, go for it!