Hex Hall - Rachel Hawkins

I would probably rate this book around a 3.5.

The book is about a girl (Sophie), who is a witch and keeps getting in trouble by using her powers everywhere she moves. Finally, she is sent to Hex Hall, where other misbehaving witches, shifters, faeries, and vampires go to school. But there are some strange events occurring at the school, which implicate Sophie's best friend and roommate. In an attempt to solve these mysteries, she finds out more about her confusing past and actually seems to grow as a character.

During the first half of the book, I was a little drawn in, but I felt like I didn't know enough about the world to really get into it. It seemed like the author was trying to be obviously atypical when she would describe what the main character (Sophie) thought something would be like, when it actually wasn't like that. Characters were pretty two-dimensional (the bitch trying to make her life miserable, her hot and irresistible boyfriend, tortured best friend etc.).

However, once I got past the halfway point and things started to happen, it was very exciting and I could barely put it down. The twist at the end was quite good and (for myself anyway) unexpected. (Although I am the type of person who really doesn't try to guess/solve the mystery, so what do I know). I was happy that Sophie finally became more proactive and likeable, and the book became much smoother once she began to find out about her past.

Now that I am intrigued, I will definitely be moving on to the next book.