Couldn't. Put. Down.

Unteachable - Leah Raeder

I'm not entirely sure I can convey the way I felt about this book. It was simultaneously sexy, frustrating, suspenseful and beautiful at the same time. Leah Raeder writes beautifully and masterfully conveys an atmosphere of built-up lust and anxiety all wrapped up into one pretty package. 


This story spoke to me on so many levels. Oddly enough, I am not at all like the main character Maise. In fact, my parents both have jobs and did their best to provide me with every available opportunity, no matter the cost. Compared to Maise I am particularly spoiled. But it was her relationship with Evan that spoke to me the most. Not just because it was totally sexy and more than once had me wanting to *ahem* sate my hunger, but also because even faced with losing the love of her life, she still decided to pursue her dreams. I've been in this situation twice in less than a year, not necessarily with the love of my life, but with two very different men with whom I felt I could see a future with. And I ended up leaving them both for Europe on two separate occasions. 


And therein lies my problem with this book: the ending. I can't say too much here because I don't want to spoil it, but I was so disappointed. And maybe I'm just bitter, because neither of the men I was with made the decision that Evan did, and I didn't get my HEA. But I thought it was kind of a cop-out. If this book had ended in another way, I would have for sure given it 5-stars.


Other than that, I was astounded by how much I liked Maise and the other characters in the book. Even creepy Wesley. And especially Wesley's awesome mom. Lately I've been lucky enough to have read some fantastic books where characters are imperfect and flawed. Unteachable was no different. The characters felt so real to me and didn't conform to tropes. 


As I already mentioned, the writing was absolutely stunning on so many levels. Just the way Raeder conveys the way Maise feels makes you practically melt. I haven't read something so sexy in a while. The way she writes isn't only beautiful, it also deescribes the way so many of us feel after losing something you so desperately want back:


"There's something so terrible about wanting something you've already had. You know exactly what you're missing. Your body knows precisely how to shape itself around the ache, the hollowness that wants to be filled."


I know how you feel, girl. 


If you haven't read this one yet, go out and buy it. It's totally worth your money and you'll be unable to put it down. I'm just thankful I started this one tonight (and not on my plane ride to Ireland or I'd definitely have some issues). 4 stars.