I've Got Your Number (Basic) - Sophie Kinsella

Another short one while I'm on holidays.

This is the exact kind of book you want to be reading on a relaxing vacation. It's a fun, easy read that keeps you interested, but not at the expense of holiday fun! 

Poppy is such a fun character. She acts exactly as I'd imagine real women to act in the same situations. There are times where you shake your head at her stupidity, while thinking that if youwere in the same situation you would have done the same thing. Some of the things she says are hilarious, but so true.

As I scroll down, I start to feel uncomfortable. I've never had so much access of someone else's phone before. Not my friends'; not Magnus's. There are some things you just don't share. I mean, Magnus has seen every inch of my body, including the dodgy bits, but I would never, ever let him near my phone. 

To top it off, the charming British English and British slang make this even better for me. 

If you want a fun, easy read that will make you laugh, this one is for you. I can't believe this is the first time I've read Sophie Kinsella, but you can be sure I'll be reading more.